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Updated: Jul 28, 2020

TALK about the glamour, glitz, coordination, fun, and BIG CELEBRITIES!!! 

These are the typical-behind-the-camera scenes a fan girl would love to experience in her everyday life! 

This is my usual day as a Celebrity Brand Associate of Mr. Robin Padilla, Daniel “DJ” Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo, Robi Domingo, Mikael Daez, and Megan Young, the most beloved in-house and external artists of Vidanes Celebrity Marketing (VCM). Honestly, if you love to be in the show business, have the passion to coordinate, and mingle, with the celebrities and staffs from all walks of life, this is the perfect line of work for you!

I have been with VCM for quite a while now, I am grateful to have gone through lots of challenging points, breakthroughs and wonderful moments with a diverse team.

It all began last year when I started observing in our first event for OPPO Philippines with Robi as its host and main endorser, where I, him, and Ate Zeny, his road manager truly had a fun and happy connection.That experience was filled with so much joy and laughter because Robi mingled with people. He made the event lighter than expected! 

To my surprise, Ate Zeny and I crossed paths again, when a big endorsement came in unexpectedly last December 2019 -- my most memorable experience, by far! Our Endorsement Head, (Ms. Lulu Evangelista), received a call from our client in November, asking for the availability of this well-known millennial actress, to be revealed as the newest ambassador of their brand Ms. Lulu and I checked the contracts, coordinated with the agency, the talent manager, and the client. We had a lengthy pre-production meeting with the said brand, and violà! Thankfully, we sealed the deal! 

December 21, 2019, the day that we all have waited for—our first commercial and print shoot with the female celebrity and her love team partner. What I had in mind at that time was just to observe and go with the flow during the shoot. So, I went to the location, checked the itinerary and the storyboard, and get the camera rolling! However, in spite of the long hours of work, this well-known love team served as light of hope that day which made our day worthwhile.

January 23, 2020 came the newest commercial of Kathryn Bernardo together with her long-time partner and love team, Daniel Padilla for Pepsi revealed! And just after a couple of weeks, the waiting game for this admirable female celebrity’s big reveal came to a final point where Pepsi welcomed her as its freshest Brand Ambassador at the Pepsi Taste Challenge event on February 8 of this year which caused her ecstatic fans to love her even more, just as I have hoped!

Working with Kathryn, a beautiful, standout artist, with an approachable and lovable aura, for the first time, truth be told, really is beyond extraordinary! That’s how I can describe her as a person. 

Being a first-timer in the industry, I never thought it’d be this hard until I have gotten the privilege to handle such great and big artists which is equally gratifying. Surely, dedication, passion, compassion are some of the traits one would need to meet the demands of this fulfilling role. Always put your mind and heart in the game, but also be empathic, trustworthy, and loving because these are the traits that one must possess to enjoy and have a worthy and exciting ride with us! 

Written by: Corinthia Ogarte, Celebrity Brand Associate

[May 05, 2020]

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