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Anne Curtis’s Dream Machine Foundation donates med supplies to hospitals

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

SINCE the sharp decrease of available medical supplies, and disinfectants, in Metro Manila due to the “panic buying” phenomenon and hoarding of these products to be sold on a much higher price during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been hard for hospitals to replenish their supplies for themselves and their patients.

And with this, it has been the mission of Dream Machine Foundation, and its owner Anne Curtis, to help hospitals that mainly caters COVID-19 patients by donating medical supplies and disinfectants for their needs.

Anne made this effort by using her Instagram account to connect with suppliers. The action paid off as suppliers that she reached out gave her reasonable price quotes to buy their supplies.

As of March 24, the first batch of donations (alcohol and gloves) were already sent to four hospital—with the second batch (goggles and face masks) of donations to arrive in these hospitals by last week of March.

These hospitals are:

Dr. Jose Rodriguez Memorial Hospital

San Lazaro Hospital

Lung Center of the Philippines

Research Institute for Tropical Medicine

In line with this, Anne also left a message using Dream Machine Foundation’s Instagram account to the front-liners and health workers:

“I just want to say ‘Maraming Salamat Po!’ for your dedication and hard work. I pray for your safety and hope makatulong po ito [donated supplies]. May God continue to bless and protect you.”

Dream Machine Foundation is a charity organization founded by Anne, with a goal to make every people’s dreams come true—no matter how big or small. Dream Machine granted dreams, such as staycations, feeding for the kids, scholarships, weddings, medicines and fundings for cancer patients, food drive and reliefs for calamities.

If you would want to donate to Dream Machine Foundation, especially during COVID-19 pandemic, you may contact them through, or social media accounts (Facebook: Dream Machine; Twitter: @DreamMachinePH; Instagram: @dreammachineph).

[April 1, 2020]

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