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Building a social media influencer in Gen Z

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

BEING a social media influencer would mean that one should be a role model, a positive one, for the community, and being a social media influencer can be a challenging job especially on doing good things for people to follow suit.

But, if an aspiring social media influencer will be from Generation Z, or so called Post-Millennials, how should their managers help them in building their image to be one of the brightest and influential personalities in the Internet that have a variety of audience from different social generations:

  • Gen Z social media influencers should be risk-takers

ONE positive characteristic of a Gen Z is that they are hardwired to be entrepreneurial, mainly because of their exposure to technology and the rags-to-riches stories of former start-up companies to big conglomerates that they heard while growing.

With this mindset, Gen Z social media influencers should not be afraid to challenge themselves in finding their niche in their contents. Their brand managers should be able to support them in their interests and help them in finding inspirations for their contents that they want to do.

By having and making the content that they love, even with a high risk of it being a flop, Gen Z influencers will be sending the message to their fellow Gen Zs, even to older generations, to be who they are and cater to their own interests for the satisfaction that they are looking for.

  • Gen Z social media influencers should welcome change

CHANGE is a constant thing in the world. And like other people, Gen Z social media influencers should also be welcoming and accepting to change.

From the simple trend of contents to the complex changing of ideologies on evolving matters. Gen Z social media influencers should embrace these changes so their audience will follow suit. Creating a better social environment in the process.

Also, managers should be an avenue to inspire their talents to embrace change and instill wisdom to always be accepting of corrections on certain misconceptions in life.

  • Gen Z social media influencers should be informative

RELATING to the previous point, Gen Z social media influencers should include facts on their content so it will be for the entertainment and education attainment of their audience.

These modern Internet personalities should be religious in learning factual things because their encyclopedia is just in the palm of their hands, and they should disseminate the information that they obtain so they can be the beacon of their generation.

Managers, on the other hand, should also encourage their talents to also learn things in life by experiencing them—an old-school way that molds the wisdom of the older generations during their youth.

  • Gen Z social media influencer should embrace uniqueness and diversity

LAST, Gen Z social media influencers should be embracing of one’s uniqueness and diversity. Like how their generation does not care on a person’s race, sexual orientation and gender identity, and others, these modern influencers should show to to their audience that they represent this positive mindset so they can influence them to follow suit.

In this tip, managers should always encourage their talents to showcase their uniqueness and to influence people that it is good to be diverse and unique, as when they do, they will surely be able to gather a huge number of followings that can also help in their success.

So those were some of the tips that Gen Z social media influencers and their managers can follow build their branding in a positive manner. But as what the gist of this blog entails, they should base their branding on who they are as persons and what they would want the world to see them as so they can be a great influence in building a loving community—shared by their generation and those before them.

Posted by: MJ Fernandez, Sales and Content Writer Associate

[April 15, 2020]

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