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Celebrity Endorsement: An effective marketing strategy

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

As we all know by now, Celebrity Endorsement has been a marketing strategy that many brands use to enhance their advertising campaigns. Of course, the effectiveness of engaging a celebrity in advertising is dependent on many variables but in the Philippines due to its specific socioeconomical characteristics it has proven quite successful time after time. A mix of programmatic visibility through traditional and new media and the celebrity chosen contributes to these successes. 

As celebrity endorsement managers at VCM it is necessary for us to continuously study the effects of top public figures’ brand engagements and how such collaborations really help big companies and small-medium enterprises (SMEs)? 

We have spoken to 3 of our brand partners, Mecca Aesthetic Clinic and Spa endorsed by Jasmine Curtis-Smith, JML (under Primeline Products Philippines, Inc.,) endorsed by Gabbi Garcia and Miguelito’s International Corporation endorsed by Piolo Pascual, and have asked for their insights in regards to the effectivity of the long term celebrity engagements VCM has helped them acquire.

BETTER BRAND IMAGE- An effective celebrity endorser with a good reputation can help the brand have a more positive impression when viewed by its consumer. 

Ms. Mars Balajadia, CEO of Mecca Aesthetic Clinic and Spa, states that the onboarding of Jasmine Curtis-Smith on Mecca’s campaigns has greatly helped how their brand is viewed by their clients. 

“Jasmine (Curtis-Smith) has always been supportive of Mecca's big campaigns and we are happy to have her as the face (of Mecca) to represent how effective our services are. Definitely, she helps Mecca especially on good imaging and brand awareness”.

BRAND AWARENESS – A Celebrity Endorser can echo and multiply brand awareness through visibility across multiple platforms and mediums. The demographic and followers of the celebrity should be aligned with the market that brand is trying to reach.

According to Ms. Diorella Zapanta, Marketing Head of Primeline Products Philippines, Inc., having a celebrity endorser was a first for the company but it has helped them get the attention of their target market more effectively as compared to standard ads and marketing efforts without a well-known spokesperson. “The effects of having Gabbi Garcia as our endorser for JML is substantial. The brand found a prominent name who influences the right target audience. Having her as our endorser creates a powerful and useful tool that magnified a positive effect of our ad campaigns. Like it creates positive feelings and impulses, grabs audience’s attention more easily than a standard ad” she says. 

INCREASE BRAND EQUITY- Endorser’s good credibility has a positive impact on brand’s image and market value. 

Mr. Jericho Tagget, Business Development Officer of Miguelitos International  Corporation, reconfirms the positive awareness honing impact of having a strong endorser. According to Mr. Tagget their endorser has helped their brand and product visibility greatly. 

“Having Mr. Piolo Pascual as our brand ambassador really helped us in boosting our brands. Having him as the Face of Miguelitos Ice Cream made us more visible in the market, gaining attentions from (the) Digital Market and other mediums of advertising aids our challenges in building concrete Marketing Expansion” he says.

He also affirms that utilizing their endorser’s credibility has helped them increase their market value and has assisted in positioning their company as a reliable business concept provider for aspiring Franchisees nationwide. 

“Piolo Pascual boosted our confidence to level up our game and build upscale goals towards our market competitors. He shares the same values with Miguelitos International Corporation, his Good Reputation, Excellent morale, Character and God-fearing beliefs made us (even) more proud that he carries our brands.” Mr. Tagget added. 

Celebrity Endorsement strategies has proven effective for many brands, but it requires careful assessment of the 3P’s (people, personality and promise) of both the brand and the ambassador prior to on boarding. It is very important to conduct proper brand matching processes to be able to achieve synergy and effectivity. An endorser should fit well within a brand’s DNA in order to deliver brand’s key message to the target market genuinely and with the most impact.

Written by: Kathy Jane Ticod, Celebrity Brand Executive

[April 29, 2020]

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