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How Do Celebrities Help Brands Be Successful?

Celebrity endorsements are all over the place, from print ads like billboards and flyers to digital advertisements in social media and websites, they are everywhere. So why do brands, from startups to giants, put their trust on it?

Here are some of the advantages of celebrity endorsements:

Tried and Tested Strategy

Celebrity endorsements have been around since 1760. Yes, celebrities and brands have had this partnership for more than two centuries now, and that is for a reason; it just works! In fact, many successful companies built a strong foundation through celebrity endorsements and are continuing to take advantage of this marketing strategy. Just think of the great collaboration between Kawasaki Motors and Robin Padilla, where the company successfully showed its status as the top-selling big bike brand through a celebrity with an equally strong personality.

Great Audience

To market a brand, you need people to be aware that it exists. With tons of people following every move of celebrities, having them endorse a product is definitely a good way to introduce it to the market.

Celebrity endorsement saves valuable time establishing brand awareness, as celebrities reach people that would otherwise not hear about your product. The amount of their followers took a long time and a great deal of effort to build. This presence is something that a product, even with how great it is, might struggle to have in a short span of time.

Brand Image

Well-known figures have reputations to uphold, so if they are supporting a product, it will naturally get more credibility. This also tells the audience about quality and effectiveness. There is no better and easier way to show that a beauty product works than having a good looking celebrity vouch for it.

You can also establish brand personality through celebrity endorsements. It allows you to pick a celebrity that corresponds to the kind of personality you want your brand to manifest, may it be fun, sophisticated, or reliable. A good example of this is how ForMe Clothing was able to accentuate their balanced offering of fashion and basic clothes for every occasion by having a celebrity with a dynamic personality like Megan Young model their wide selection of outfits.

Brand Empathy

With celebrities sharing most parts of their lives with people, the public can empathise with them, as they share the same experiences, problems, and journeys people are going through. By choosing the right celebrity, you can capture this emotional connection and build a strong relationship with your customers that leads to brand loyalty.


This is a simple, yet very effective advantage of celebrity marketing. Seeing a random guy with a product would stick to people far less than seeing their favorite celebrity promoting it. With this, you do not even need to explain a product to gather attention and awareness. This is a huge advantage especially for advertisements trying to get attention through visual aids. Once the audience’s attention is captured, they are then more likely to want to know more about the product.

Be in the Right Niche

You can present your product to your target market by selecting a celebrity followed and admired in that niche. There are celebrities for beauty, fitness, intellect, and anything else that corresponds to your brand. There are also celebrities for each generation, may it be the boomers or millennials. This is a great way to direct your brand to people who are more likely to be interested in it.

Successful Celebrity Endorsement

Finding interest in all the advantages celebrity endorsements give? Be sure to do your research and find the right business partners for you. To begin developing a celebrity marketing strategy, let Vidanes Celebrity Management guide you through every step of the way with their experience and expertise in the field.

Stay tuned for more tips regarding successful celebrity management.

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