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How Your Business Can Adapt to the New Normal

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Times are changing and working from home has a new meaning.

We know that small businesses have been hit disproportionately hard right now, and marketing in these times can be difficult. 

This week's #VCMPerspectives is focused on us: the marketers, business owners, and people trying to get by in unusual times. We hope these new perspectives help no matter what challenges your business is facing as we live by the #NewNormal.

The unprecedented crisis that we are currently experiencing is forcing businesses to adapt to a new reality. That's a fact. That's reality. That's something your business must have to act upon, fast. Good news is, businesses of all types can develop effective strategies to adapt to these unprecedented times.

1. Rapidly and strategically embrace the new normal

VCM points to digital and online marketing as essential tools for doing business today.

Social media marketing

Being stuck at home means there is more time to scroll through Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Given VCM's roster of celebrities, personalities and influencers, the focus is on how to maximize influence by generating sponsored content.

In these marketing materials, VCM highlighted brand values during the Covid-19 pandemic, to communicate with their target audiences.

There is a trend towards companies that care. This is a time where great leadership is being honoured and goodwill acknowledged.”

Covid-19 is most likely the start of a new normal. If this is the case, we need to adjust to it now.

2. Get the word out and be creative

If you adapt to the new normal and no one knows, all that work is for naught. Right now, VCM connects and reconnects with brands as pushes for an "enhanced influencer marketing" in the new normal setting.

The coronavirus has highlighted the real impact of digitalisation in an accelerated and difficult way. Let VCM be your partner in the development and strengthening of your digital marketing needs to make sure your brand stays on track.

3. Find ways to serve the greater good

By adapting to changing conditions, we can create atmosphere where help is ready and available for business, while meeting the needs of stakeholders, and ultimately serving the greater good.

With all events of 2020, it is important for businesses to have a kind of ‘paradigm shift’. So, as we move forward in this “new normal” of social distancing, we are learning along the way. Social media has been where many consumers have turned during the coronavirus pandemic. And with usage of these platforms on the up, brands have the opportunity to link with influencers to keep telling their story during the crisis.

Written by: Elizabeth "Betchay" Vidanes, Managing Director

Vidanes Celebrity Marketing

[May 16, 2020]

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