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Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla feature in billboards in Manilla, New York, and LA!

Local celebrities Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla are gracing billboards on the bustling streets of New York and Los Angeles, USA as part of the #PepsiHitSaSarap campaign.

Kathryn is well known in the Philippines and internationally, having entered the entertainment scene in just 7 years.

Kathryn is the only actress in the Philippines who has starred in two films that have earned more than P800 million each and is among the most influential celebrities on social media.

Daniel is a recording artist and actor who has received multiple awards in music, television, and film.

Kathryn and Daniel #kathniel are some of the stars taking part in the #PepsiHitSaSarap. The campaign also features basketballer Ricci Rivero and internet sensation Mimiyuuuh.

The #PepsiHitSaSarap campaign focuses on the importance of enjoying meals with family and friends.

For many Filipinos, mealtimes are not just about sharing a meal, it is also a time to bond with loved ones and a way of celebrating special occasions.

Therefore, many of us strive to make mealtimes as special as possible. This includes making the dining experience unforgettable by preparing delicious paired with the perfect beverage. Pepsi is a great choice for this.

As she joined the other ambassadors of Pepsi, Kathryn at the time said. “Something that Daniel and I share is the belief that we should follow our hearts and do the things we love. Just go for it 100%! That’s why this year, I really told myself I’m going to go all-in,” she said.

The Pepsi family was happy to have her as part of the team.

Kathryn embodies a refreshing personality which Pepsi represents,” said Gutzee Segura, Marketing Manager of Pepsi Philippines. “With her passion and her knack for following her heart, she really personifies what Pepsi stands for,” she added.

The two also took part in the #SundinAngPuso campaign

Not long after joining Pepsi as an ambassador, Kathryn took part in the Pepsi Taste Challenge that celebrates the love for cola.

In the taste challenge, the organizers gave participants in different cities in the Philippines two different brands of cola — one of them was Pepsi — and then asked them which one they preferred.

The winner was… you guessed it… Pepsi. The results of the challenge showed that an astounding 77% of the population that attended has chosen the taste of Pepsi.

Pepsi Taste Challenge is an iconic piece of our brand equity and in many ways established our can-do attitude and spirit, and with the global success we’ve had in various countries for the Pepsi Taste Challenge, we are so delighted with the overwhelming success we’ve had early this year in Quezon City, Cebu and Davao. said Gutzee Segura, Pepsi Philippines marketing manager.

“Thank you to the Filipinos who continue to enjoy the Pepsi taste and to everyone who participated in the blind taste test challenge.”

Using Kathryn and Daniel as ambassadors of Pepsi will have a huge impact on promoting the popularity of the cola brand.

You can buy Pepsi in any supermarket, convenience store, or sari-sari all over the country.

To see the new campaign featuring Kathryn and Daniel click here. You can follow @pepsiphilippines on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter.

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