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Kawasaki: #1 Motorcycle for the Filipinos

Part of our rich culture is the unique modes of transportation we have all around our country. From deepness to tricycles, and Habal-Habal, tourists are surely amazed by how creative Filipinos are.

Tricycle and Habal-Habal are some of the main transportations of Pinoys. It is already a part of our culture and our daily lives. That is why when it comes to Tricycle and Habal-Habal, Kawasaki is the best choice for our drivers. With more than 50 years of service in the Philippines, they have proven the prime quality they have promised to deliver. Acknowledged as the number one brand in the industry of heavy-duty tricycles, their model Kawasaki Barako has remained to be their brand’s top-seller.

They were always consistent with their company’s value "Quality is more than a quest. It is our motivation". Aside from being popular with Habal-Habal and tricycle, Kawasaki is also known for its quality leisure bikes.

Targeting the young and the upwardly mobile individuals through their campaign called “Dominate” that aims to equate motorTargeting the young and the upwardly mobile individuals through their campaign called “Dominate” that aims to equate motorcycles with everyday lifestyle-lifestyles cycles with everyday lifestyle.

Kawasaki has produced race motorcycles with the newest technology and aesthetic designs. Kawasaki’s racing history started with a motocross race in 1961. After more than a half-century, they have continued their victorious trademark both in road-racing and off-road racing. Kawasaki Motors, guided by its vision and commitment to producing only value-added products and services, continuously manufactures thousands of motorcycles and accessories. accessories.

Manufacturing 18,000 motorcycles every month in their massive 29,383 square meters plant in Muntinlupa, Kawasaki is undoubtedly patronized by the Filipinos. It absolutely dominated the country with over 2,000 stores and dealers nationwide. May it be occupational or for leisure, Kawasaki got everything you need when it comes to motorcycles. Their motorcycles have successfully become a part of our culture and daily lives. Because with Kawasaki, you don’t have to choose between quality and style.

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