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The Peak of Influencer Marketing!

by Elizabeth Vidanes

VCM Talents and Influencers

According to, influencer marketing is now at a peak as a choice to market services, brands, and products.

As a marketing agency, this is true as we have experienced a vast change in this industry.

More and more companies are choosing influencer marketing for many reasons specially so that consumers are now changing their buying preferences.

As the Managing Director of VCM, we made sure that we understand this growing change and apply measures that we can offer our long-term clients to suit their requirements and the results they need.

Let me share with you some of these aspects from the article I have read:

1. Consumers have completed their move to digital

This is a no-brainer, as consumers are simply on their mobiles day and night. They mostly tuned it to different social media platforms such FB, IG and Youtube.

According to a study based on the article, Gen Z — a demographic aged 16-26 — now makes up 40% of consumers. They are the most “plugged in” generation to date, spending three hours every day on social media consuming and creating content, and most importantly, seeking inspiration.

2. Creative and media are becoming one

With the advent of technology, it is now easy to be on camera and create contents that people can watch for entertainment, knowledge, and inspiration.

3. Performance-based influencer marketing is on the rise

This is evidently true, as more and more people are loving the idea that they can be known globally because of the skills, talents, and ideas that they can share. This is also an opportunity for them to earn by incorporating their content with brands that they use and believe in.

At VCM, we have identified influencers who can work with us to help brands and products reach a specific market and send messages through our influencers.

You can see some of these works here.

If you consider diverting in this direction, we can help you. We have been working with different clients to support them and make things happen for their campaigns.

This is where you can reach out to me for a chat 0917 848 4900 or email me at

We are celebrating our 20th Anniversary this year. This is an exciting journey for me as Managing Director of VCM and will share some snippets of it soon.

Till next time.

Contact VCM for all your marketing campaign needs!

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