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The Unfading Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla

Entering the limelight at such a very young age, Mariel Rodriguez Padilla whose real name is Maria Erlinda Lucille Sazon Termulo-Padilla has absolutely proved her power in this industry. Mariel’s versatile talent has been proven with time as a host, actress, model, endorser, and vj. Having naturally smooth and clear skin, Clean and Clear were charmed by Mariel’s beauty at the age of fifteen. That is where Mariel’s successful career started. As the executives of MTV Philippines recognized Mariel’s talent she was immediately recruited as a VJ in 2004. With an innate talent for hosting, her career quickly flourished.

Aside from her successful career as an actress, model, and VJ, she was also a very successful endorser. Praised from how perfect she is for her Cossack Blue commercial because of its line “Sarap Straight Up” that flawlessly fit her straight to the point and no pretensions personality.

Her personality effortlessly highlighted the brand’s trademark of drinkability.

After marrying the love of her life and having two beautiful children, Mariel’s talent and beauty have never faded a bit. Mariel now being a hands-on mom, is a really good example for all the moms out there. Her diligence in being a caring mother and a loving wife showed by how meticulous she is in picking their appliances. No wonder Cherry Home was captured by Mariel’s love for cooking that was evidently shown on her vlogs. With Cherry’s appliances, Mariel believes that every mother can make the best home for their family.

Mariel is also very picky when it comes to her children, that is why she only trusts for her two beautiful princesses. With the brand’s commitment to protecting their children, Mariel just perfectly suited the brand because of her dedication to taking care of her children. As a loving mom, Mariel only wanted the best for her kids and it reflected the brand’s dedication to giving the best for every child.

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