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Why is Product Seeding advantageous to your brand?

by Elizabeth Vidanes

If you have not heard of product seeding or have not tried it yet, let us find out what is it and how can this be a good way to promote your brand or product.

What Is Product Seeding?

Product seeding is an influencer marketing campaign where brands gift their products to influencers/celebrities relevant to their niche or industry in exchange for free publicity. It is an excellent tool for marketers to reach a wider audience and target more groups of potential customers with the help of influencers.

This is one way to entice your audience to try and test your brand or product which is highly promoted by influencers who highlight its benefits and use of it as they experience them.

This strategy helps build a strong relationship with the Key Opinion Leader (KOL) and is a cheaper alternative to traditional advertising/influencer marketing options.

VCM can help you negotiate on behalf of the brand to request the influencer to promote and discuss the product or brand, and makes sure that the commitment is executed accordingly.

Here are some ideas on how to optimize this campaign to make the most out of it.

Customize the Packaging

Make sure that the PR kits that will be provided to the influencer are catchy enough to grab their attention, this will help when they talk about the distinct brand to their followers.

Stop with the "Promotional" tone

Influencers speak with authenticity and this is the reason why their followers believe and follow them, so stop being a marketer. Allow the influencer to be creative and share their thoughts about the experience they have using the brand.

Let their creativity flow

Most influencers feel that when products or brands dictate to them they are losing their authenticity which does not really help. It is ok to give some insights about your brand or product, but allow their creativity to flow.

Influencer marketing is really paving its way. It comes in handy for brands and products especially if the budget is the issue, however, working with a legitimate agency to bridge the gap between the influencers and brands will ensure you that the brand or product and influencers are aligned to work hand-in-hand to create a fun and exciting experience altogether.

We have worked with hundreds of clients through their Product Seeding activities.

If you are thinking or considering doing this program for your brand or product launch or campaigns, you can book a call with us to discuss how we can support you to make it happen!

If you consider diverting in this direction, we can help you. We have been working with different clients to support them and make things happen for their campaigns.

Till next time.

Contact VCM for all your marketing campaign needs!

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