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How VCM Stays Strong in this Pandemic

It’s been a year since we released our video series on Design Thinking. In these three videos, we shared with you the special process behind our work. Despite being a year old, these videos still give fresh insights as to why VCM shines bright, even in the face of a pandemic.

Design Thinking for Celebrity Marketing

As shown in the video series, VCM has built the foundation of its work on Design Thinking.

In simple terms, Design Thinking is a process for solving problems through a deep interest and understanding of the target user. It leverages empathy to create innovative solutions.

While this human-centric approach had become prevalent in industries like tech, health, and education, much of the celebrity marketing industry was still detached and less active in connecting with clients.

We found that many brands had a hard time reaching out to celebrities they wanted to work with. On the other hand, there were also brands unaware of celebrities that had the right characteristics to complement their work. To us, these were missed opportunities!

After realizing this, VCM decided to play a more collaborative role in the industry by adopting Design Thinking. We started reaching out to brands ourselves, learning about their needs, and connecting them with celebrity endorsers who shared similar values and goals.

Soon enough, VCM became a pioneer of a new approach to celebrity marketing: Endorsement Management.

Partnering with Human Beings

As explained in the the video series, Endorsement Management is the bridging of the gap between celebrities and brands. This requires managing the two parties, making sure both are thriving in the partnership. As you can imagine, this is no easy task. It demands extra care and attention.

On the client side, VCM has to go through research, data, and analysis to match a brand with a celebrity's projects, popularity, audience, and authentic self. By designing a particular strategy for each brand, VCM helps clients get the most out of their campaigns. When partnering with us, clients can be sure that their work is valued, their ideas are heard, and their needs are met.

On the celebrity side, it involves close relationship-based management, with our managers donning a variety of roles like parent, sibling, confidant, and counselor. We take time to know our talents inside and out—their personalities, talents, aspirations, as well as inhibitions—so we can find the best ways for them to grow in their career.

VCM demolishes any notion that collaborations in the celebrity marketing industry are cold and inauthentic. Through Design Thinking and Endorsement Management, VCM keeps the human being in the heart of its work.

Navigating the Pandemic Together

As Design Thinkers, we’ve learned to embrace change. We find that the best client relationships are built on patience and understanding, especially during challenging times. This couldn’t have been any truer for this year.

Ever since businesses started navigating through the effects of COVID-19, we’ve gotten more opportunities to do what we do best: adjusting and being attentive to our client’s needs. In a time when everyone could use some help, our human-centric solutions hold a lot of value.

Amidst the challenges, we remain adaptable and easy to work with because we’re driven by our passion for our clients. We stay strong by keeping our clients strong.

As this long year nears its end, we hope 2021 becomes a better time for all businesses. But whatever the outcome, you can be sure that VCM will always accommodate your brand’s needs by matching it with the right celebrity partner.

Come check our Design Thinking series as well as our other videos on our Youtube channel!

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