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Five Things You Can Expect When Working With VCM

We at VCM have had the pleasure of working with fantastic clients throughout our 18 years of business. This year, we continue to prove our reputation as a leading celebrity marketing agency in the Philippines by delivering consistently stellar results to all our partners.

Here are things our recent clients have said about us—things your brand can be sure of when partnering with our celebrity influencers:

1. We’re Easy to Work With

“Usually, we would expect a lot of delays and red tape, but VCM was so easy to work with. It helped a lot that everyone was collaborative and personally involved—from the management team to Megan (Young).” - Quick Fx

“Megan (Young) and Mikael (Daez) were a breeze to work with. They comply with deadlines as their teams were also responsive." - Fuse, Omnicom Media Group

We are a big family here at VCM. And as a big family, we like to treat our clients with that same care and respect. When you partner with us, you can expect an accommodating and responsive team that’s eager to help your brand’s campaign shine the best way it can.

2. We’re Adaptable

“Joyce (Pring) very quickly adapted to the WFH situation and did a Lazada livestream from her phone for the first time and did a fantastic job!” - P&G

Our celebrity influencers have built their large online following through their creative use of social media. Being resourceful is part of their job.

No matter what the situation, you can expect our celebrity influencers to always think on their feet. They’ll make the most out of what they have and still deliver quality results!

3. We Ensure Quality Audience Engagement

“On our 2nd live episode, our reach and views expanded because the broadcast was shared on Robin (Padilla)’s FB (Page). It also generated a lot of inquiries.” - Ada Manufacturing Corporation

As previously mentioned, our celebrity influencers have developed a firm grasp on modern digital trends. They know how to utilize social media and streaming platforms, creating content that engages with your brand’s target audience. By partnering with us, you can expect an increase in the quality and quantity of your brand’s reach.

4. We Revitalize Brands, Which Helps Them Stand Out

"[Robin Padilla] breathes life into our brand." - Kawasaki

“The effects of having Gabbi Garcia as our endorser for JML is substantial . . . [She] creates positive feelings and impulses, grabs audience’s attention more easily than a standard ad.” JML Philippines

People will feel more connected to a brand when it’s personified. Our celebrity influencers can give your brand instant individuality that sets it apart from the competition. By having well-admired public figures bring life to your brand, you make it worth remembering.

5. We’re Passionate About Our Client’s Work

“Jasmine (Curtis-Smith) has always been supportive of Mecca's big campaigns and we are happy to have her as the face (of Mecca) to represent how effective our services are.” - Mecca Aesthetic Clinic and Spa

“[Megan Young and Mikael Daez] are both very lively and energetic when practicing their craft. They make it a point to give it their all in everything they do.” - Foodpanda

VCM provides you with the right partner that fits your brand’s story, personality, and values. We match you with celebrity ambassadors that are genuine advocates of your work, making their endorsements passionate and authentic. You can expect a partner who is genuinely invested in your brand’s growth.

We Are Excited to Collaborate With You!

The VCM family is always looking forward to new partnerships. We are excited to give our all as we contribute to your unique story.

So what are you waiting for? Browse through our FREE ebook right now and let us know your ideas!


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