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How Your Brand Can Prepare for the COVID-Era Christmas Season

The holidays have always been the season of shopping—a time of packed malls, rushing carts, and long lines. But despite the Christmas decor and Jose Mari Chan songs arriving on cue last September, the 2020 holiday season will be different than those of past years.

With the pandemic causing social distancing regulations and strained finances, businesses can expect new shopping trends this Christmas.

According to research on Christmas spending for 2020, 52% of Filipinos will spend less this holiday season. Of these Filipinos, over half will spend 31% less on average this Christmas. “That means their Christmas spending could drop from ₱17,000 to ₱11,781, a difference of ₱5,219.”

This spending reduction can be attributed to the lessening of store visits as well as people being more careful with expenditures. While this could be a challenge for many businesses, other trends have indicated new opportunities to thrive in the COVID-era Christmas season. Here’s how your brand can make the most out of them:

1. Embrace E-Commerce

The pandemic has caused a natural spike in online transactions. This Christmas, we’ll be seeing a whole lot more Filipinos shopping online—even those who were traditionally unsavvy with technology.

According to Facebook IQ’s 2020 Holiday Insights, Gen X and Boomers will lead the growth in online spending. While revenue per customer will be significantly lower this Christmas, a larger and more age-varied market will be online more than ever.

Consumers are also expected to be more open to new products and services. Shoppers generally explore new buys during the holidays, but with the restraints of this year’s crises, people are even more likely to spend on something different and fresh.

By embracing e-commerce this Christmas, you not only expose your brand to the majority of consumers—you could expand your brand’s typical reach and forge new customer relationships!

2. Bring Value to your Customers

With the cutting down of expenses, Filipinos will only buy things that are worth spending their limited budget on.

According to Facebook IQ, there will be a spike in self-gifting, as many people are seeking to reward themselves for this challenging year. If you want your brand to be included in someone’s carefully-chosen Christmas list, provide products and services that ensure them the comfort they’ve been needing.

Customers are also expected to spend mostly on discounts and mega sales. Similarly to what we said about building stronger consumer relationships, you can win people’s trust and patronage this Christmas (and beyond) by offering the best deals that accommodate their limited budget.

3. Enhance Customer Engagement with Celebrities & Influencers

Along with affordability, Facebook IQ lists authenticity and alignment with personal values as reasons people will choose brands this Christmas.

VCM’s celebrity influencers are experts in fostering brand authenticity. They can personify your brand’s values and help customers resonate with them through effective and engaging content.

Partnering with celebrities & influencers can give your brand the boost it needs to be top-of-mind this holiday season.

Strategize with Influencer Tiering

With businesses needing more nuanced marketing strategies this Christmas, you'll be needing the right kind of influencer to help optimize your holiday campaign.

Here’s how we classify the different types of influencers in VCM:

While influencers are tiered by the size of their followers, one influencer type is not necessarily better than the other. Macro- and mega-influencers may have a larger audience reach, but micro- and nano-influencers are especially engaging with specialized markets. The perfect type of influencer will always depend on your brand’s campaign goals.

Our job here at VCM is to connect you with that perfect influencer. Contact us now, and let’s help your brand make this 2020 Christmas season a merry one!



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