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Brand Opportunities For Post-Pandemic

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

COVID-19 has changed the way we do business almost overnight. In the new world of lockdowns and social distancing, companies had to rethink the way they engage with customers. While this sudden shift in trends left negative effects on how we work, brands can still find plenty of opportunities to grow in the new normal.

Here are some lessons we learned this 2020 that can elevate your brand in the post-pandemic world:

1) Going Digital to Stay in the Game

It was only a matter of time before the world went digital. Digitization trends were already underway even before 2020; COVID-19 had only accelerated them.

By closing down offices and stores, the pandemic compelled many companies to finally modernize their business models. Moving operations online would not only provide a sustainable way for brands to stay alive; it would also offer numerous opportunities to connect with an unprecedentedly large internet market.

Digitization will continue to dominate in the post-pandemic as people have begun embracing the convenience of online shopping, as well as the hygienic value of cashless transactions. By going digital, your brand catches up with the rest of the world, preparing itself for the future of business.

2) Building Stronger Consumer Relationships

In the era of social distancing, people crave connections more than ever—not just with other people, but with brands too.

Thought leaders speculate a massive opportunity to fulfill people’s need for “more sustainable relationships in the virtual world that help keep them connected, add value to their lives and make them feel part of communities.” Brands have the chance to strengthen consumer relations through strategies like discounts, subscriptions, memberships, or just by being “highly sensitized to the tone and texture of their advertising message and how they contribute to helping the greater good of their community.”

By showing that your brand is there for its customers, ready to adapt to their needs, you’ll encourage trust and patronage that can last all through the post-pandemic.

3) Solidifying your Presence through Streaming

A report by Limelight has shown a surge in video streaming during COVID-19. People have turned to online videos for communication, news, education, entertainment, and just about everything else.

Videos have become the main language of this pandemic and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down. By streaming your content, your brand solidifies its online presence and stays relevant, helping secure its footing for the post-pandemic.

Some companies have optimized live streaming for tutorials, variety shows, and virtual conferences. It’s become an excellent way for brands to showcase their creativity and to distinguish themselves from the competition. How are you choosing to reach your audience?

Enhance your Engagement with our Celebrity Ambassadors!

It’s true that the digital world has gotten more crowded since the start of the pandemic, but that shouldn’t discourage you. There’s one effective way for your brand to stand out and boost its post-pandemic mileage: celebrity influencer marketing.

At VCM, we connect you to passionate celebrity ambassadors who will help your brand navigate through this fast-paced digital world, and in spectacular fashion too. Our talents can leverage their strong online following to bring attention to your brand, optimizing the latest trends like podcasts or live streams. By partnering with a much-loved public figure, you can easily strengthen your online presence and enhance your engagement with your target audience.

Send us a message! We’d love to help you find the right ambassador who will keep your brand credible, and memorable, in this time of COVID-19 and beyond.

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