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Updated: Aug 3, 2020

In a crowded market, much more a noisy social media with anyone promoting anything, It’s a great strategy to maintain your presence with celebrity influencer marketing and brand ambassadors. The question is, can the big names in the entertainment industry nonetheless, be a viable tactic for your company?

Influencer marketing works no matter the size of your company. Nowadays, a celebrity is no longer defined by how “famous” they are, but instead by how motivated their target audience is. There are a lot more ‘celebrities’ today than ever before —and in the Philippines, more and more celebrities are extending beyond their status and are building brands.

This fact is what companies are leveraging on. Consumers are now able to get parenting techniques, styling tips, or shopping advice directly from their idols. And while your brand needs to stay true, there are celebrity influencers from VCM that can help you push for authenticity and organic appeal.

Right now the approach is - communicate to a large group who share a common interest through an effective, trusted and followed thought leader, and your brand can see a much higher conversion rate. That stays true with us at VCM as we approach clients and present our roster of content creators. We are with our clients where our customer’s interests are.

While celebrity influencers are more costly than say, a traditional influencer, they offer a greater megaphone that brands are looking to use to amplify their reach. At VCM, we help you find your audience fit - using our celebrity influencers and extending it to their target audience reach.

Let's work together! Contact us today.

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