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The Opportunity is Now: Hiring and choosing the perfect ambassador for a brand

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

EVERY brand needs their own brand ambassador to communicate their company’s vision and mission to the public.

It is not an easy task match a talent and endorse them to a brand, and make them believe that the talent could be their perfect spokesperson to represent them.

So as a guide to make this hard task easy, here are some tips you can do to forge a perfect partnership between a talent and a brand:

Find the common ground

AS the bridge between the talent and the brand, you should be able to see similarities between them. Matching a talent and a brand means that there should be qualities that both possess.

For example, if you need to match a humanitarian brand with a talent—the talent needs to have an advocacy that is similar to the brand’s advocacy. It is very important that a similarity is present so both parties can communicate well with each other.

Suggest platform that the brand can tap in

YOU should brief the brand about the platforms that the talent uses so it is easy for them to create a campaign that will adapt well to the talent’s available platforms.

In some instances, you can also suggest methods that the brand can utilize so it will be easy for them to conceptualize—like if you are going to match the brand with a content producer on YouTube, suggest scope that will play on the platform’s strengths; such as product placements, product reviews, airing of web commercials on their videos and others.

Brief the talent about the brand’s needs

ALSO, you will need to help the talent in understanding the brand’s core so they can translate this to their audience.

It is best that the talent has vast knowledge about the brand so they can also assist the brand with their suggestions on how to amplify their audience impact with the talent’s platforms.

Always hear both sides

LAST, as the bridge between the talent and brand, you should be able to understand each party’s needs so you can help them in reaching a mutual partnership.

The best way to do this is to always set up meetings with the talent and brand, and have them discuss what they want to achieve on the campaign. Then, if disagreements happen, always try to have them reach a middle point where both of their goals will intersect and have talk it through from there.

These are just broad tips that you can follow to be the perfect point-person of both the talent and brand. But, always remember that you should always be knowledgeable about their goals and traits—because only then you will be able to assist them in creating the campaign that both of them will benefit from.

Posted by: MJ Fernandez, Sales and Content Writer Associate

[April 16, 2020]

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