20 random facts about Jasmine Curtis-Smith

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Jasmine Curtis-Smith has been steadily gaining the recognition she deserves for her hard work and passion for her career.

From the sweet little sister of Anne Curtis, Jasmine was able to cement her own place in Philippine show business—thanks to her perseverance to strive forward.

Now, we have an idea that Jasmine is a versatile talent that can transcend on mainstream, indie or commercial projects.

As a way for us to celebrate her incoming 26th birthday, let us be immersed to these facts, collated by Vidanes Celebrity Marketing, that made Jasmine who she is now:

• Jasmine has always been a dog person, but she recently became a cat person, as well, when she got her cat Ranga.

• Jasmine is a proud supporter of Filipino indie music. She even co-manages a local rising band called Flu.

• Jasmine’s favorite flower is sunflower.

• Jasmine got her first film acting award as Best Supporting Actress on Cinemalaya in the critically acclaimed film, Transit.

• Her first on-screen kiss was on the Cinema One Originals film, entitled Baka Bukas, which is an LGBT film. This film also led her to win a Best Actress award.

• Jasmine is a car racer. She was a part of the Toyota Vios Cup for a couple of years.

• She is a big ocean defender, and a responsible tourism advocate.

• Jasmine is very particular with the roles and projects that she partakes in. She researches, and is very keen with every detail of stories she is offered with passion.