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The Bad Boy of Product Endorsement

Product endorsing plays a significant role in a product’s success. That is why choosing the right artist is such an important decision on endorsing a product. You must be wise and critical in considering their influence, background, and credibility. When it comes to product endorsing, no one has rocked it as Robin Padilla did. Known as the “Bad Boy” of the Philippine Cinema, Robin Padilla has already endorsed a great number of products that undoubtedly made it into success and popularity.

Aside from Robin Padilla’s handsome features despite his age, his reputation is quite impressive for being a dedicated advocate of Muslim children.

Robin Padilla’s amazing physique totally captivated the brand Revicon in which he starred into a very catchy endorsement with the tagline “Think positive, wag kang aayaw!”. I know 90’s children can still remember it vividly because Robin Padilla certainly nailed it! His strong personality and good body-build perfectly suited Revicon.

Liveraide’s health advocacies perfectly suited Padilla’s healthy lifestyle.

Aside from those brands, he is also known to be Kawasaki’s Barako endorser. His cool vibes definitely reflected on the brand’s reputation of having incredible and quality products. Living up the Kawasaki’s Barako values "Quality is more than a quest. It is our motivation.".

MOTO Express was also captured by Robin Padilla’s charm because of his “astig” and humble personality that is a perfect fit for their brand’s service. The value "don't be ashamed of your career", reflects how passion affects one's career. Knowing that Robin was not born with a golden spoon, he had faced a lot of hardships in achieving what he has now. He is also one of the best endorsers of VCM, a celebrity sourcing company that handles the best artists that fits all your needs.

Different products such as Cord Marine Epoxy, Ascof Lagundi, 555 Tuna, Northern Cement, and Cherry Mobile have also put their trust in Robin Padilla in promoting their products. Those are all various products that certainly made it into popularity through Robin Padilla’s effectiveness and impact. Truly Robin Padilla is a certified veteran in this industry.

His successful product endorsements and promotions can prove his undeniable charisma. His “Bad Boy” vibes will always capture the hearts of his fans and his unfading charm will unfailingly rock whatever product he endorses.

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