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Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Today marks the first day of Ramadan, the holiest month to our dear Muslim brothers and sisters. During this time, Muslim calls into an increased prayer, charity, fasting and restrain from sinful behavior.

One of the famous Muslim celebrity here in our country is Mr. Robin Padilla. Robin started his acting career in ‘90s and receive certified hits for Anak ni Baby Ama (1990), Ang Utol kong Hoodlum (1991), and Maging Sino ka Man (1991) all very successful. With his Bad Boy image in the Cinema, there is truly more about Robin Padilla.

Let’s take a glimpse of Robin’s muslim life;

How Robin Padilla became a muslim

Binoe or Robin Padilla embraced the Islamic religion while he is serving a 2-year sentence for illegal possession of firearms. The court sentenced him to a 21 years in prison, but later he was released in 1998 by Pres. Fidel Ramos for granting him a conditional pardon. During those time, Robin began to know Islam and later baptized and used the Islamic name Abdul Aziz which means “Servant of the Almighty”. After he’s released in 1998, Robin immediately revived his showbiz career with the help of his family and for having a refined principled lifestyle.

Robin Padilla as a Muslim

For the love for our country and religion, Robin Padilla formed an advocacy to help the Filipino Muslim Community.

Padilla managed to collect a fund to build a Muslim cemetery in Norzagaray, Bulacan. Reports said he was able to raised a total of one million pesos.

Binoe’s house in Fairview, Quezon City was converted into a Muslim school for pre-school students called Liwanag ng Kapayapaan(light of peace). His visit to Mindanao opened his eyes to the reality that lack of education is the root of the insurgency problem.

2017, Robin Padilla launched the Tindig Marawi movement which aims to raise a fund from individuals and private sectors to help revive and rebuild the province of Marawi after a five month long siege with the extremist Maute Group. Padilla has released a 5 million pesos from his personal funds to support the rehabilitation and he was able to raised funds from different companies and artists.

Robin’s lessons in life made him change his faith. For him, Islam is a way of life and it was Islam that help him who he was today, a gentleman, idol and an advocate.

2020 will be a different celebration of Ramadan for our Muslim friends. They will also be doing their part to prevent the spread of COVID-19. To our Muslim friends, may you have a productive and full of worship in observance of Ramadan.

Through this pandemic crisis, it reminds us all to become better believers and help one another be more spiritual.

Stay safe! We Heal as One!

Written by: Micah Angelo Nacar, Project Manager

[April 24, 2020]

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