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The Fruits of Celebrity Influencer Marketing: An ADAMCO x Robin Padilla Case Study

Company Background:

Ada Manufacturing Corporation (ADAMCO) empowers Filipino farmers by providing them access to modern agricultural technology. Since its spin-off from Ropali Trading in 1999, ADAMCO has expanded to 20 branches nationwide, becoming the largest dealer of rice combine harvesters in the country.

The Challenge:

To coincide with its 20th anniversary, ADAMCO planned to launch its first ever integrated marketing communications campaign, "Kita Tayo sa ADAMCO". Since this was a celebration of two milestones, ADAMCO needed an ambassador who could help commemorate its 20-year service to Filipino farmers, as well as usher in a new and exciting era for the company.

The Solution:

ADAMCO partnered with VCM’s “Idol ng Bayan” Robin Padilla, who was a perfect match for this important campaign. Not only does Robin lend coolness and style to ADAMCO’s agricultural equipment; his personal advocacy for the agriculture sector brings a vitality to the partnership.

It’s a little known fact that Robin and his family are farmers themselves. Robin’s personal experiences with agriculture made him enthusiastic to collaborate with ADAMCO. He believes that the company’s products will uplift farmers, not just by helping them till the land, but also by helping them think like entrepreneurs of global competence.

The Results:

On February 9, 2019, ADAMCO unveiled Robin’s ambassadorship during the campaign's launch at the Manila Hotel. A few days later, Robin was featured in ADAMCO’s official campaign video.

Since then, Robin has appeared in many of ADAMCO’s published materials for products and services like YANMAR mechanical rice planters and flexible financing. Taking advantage of the pandemic’s streaming trends, ADAMCO held a Facebook Live session of Robin discussing agribusiness with host Joyce Pring. As of writing, the session has garnered 21.6K engagements, and has reached 178.5K people.

“On our 2nd live episode our reach and views expanded because the broadcast was shared on Robin’s FB (page). It also generated a lot of inquiries.” - Jiggs Espadilla Marketing Director Ada Manufacturing Corporation

When you plan your next marketing campaign, consider partnering with a celebrity influencer. Your brand can get a significant boost of consumer engagement when endorsed by a figure who is not only well-loved by the public but also passionate about your work’s mission and vision. Find the right ambassador fit now with VCM!

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