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Updated: Jul 28, 2020

I started working closely with Mikael (Daez) and Megan (Young) back in 2018. If I remember correctly it was within the same year that they also told me about their plans to get married. Back then, I had little knowledge of their history as a couple, but as time went by, during many meetings over lunch and dinner, long car rides and many more waiting periods in-between shooting takes, we became very close and they would tell me a lot of stories about their relationship. They would make kwento about the funny moments, the reason for some of their fights, the travel experiences they had together. 

But how I got to know them best was through my firsthand experiences I have had with the two.


I got to witness and understand their dynamic. Looking at them till now, they are that couple that make sense. Megan being the laidback gal that she is, is the “chill” Mikael (being the highly executive type) needs, and Mik is the “intensity and structure” Meggy needs. And what struck me as remarkable about their relationship is how they have always contributed to each other's growth. 

Fast forward to mid 2019, Mik and Megan told us (VCM) of their wedding dates, yes “dates” because they were planning two weddings! One extremely intimate ceremony in Tagaytay and one less intimate gathering but still kind of intimate with more friends and family in Subic. Everything was going according to their lowkey plans. But in October 2019, we received an offer from one of Mikael’s partner brands (OPPO) for a work/collaboration trip to Dubai. It was a great project but the travel dates overlapped with the Daez-Young intimate wedding date. We were faced with a dilemma. We really wanted to accept the project, but of course, Mikael a.k.a the groom can’t be missing from his own wedding (LOL)! Fortunately, our client was very understanding and agreed to let us cut our trip short to give way to the wedding. Whew! Crisis averted!

And so we went on the work trip, we left for Dubai on January 6,2020 which coincidentally was also Mikael’s birthday. I remember asking Mik during one of our conversations on the trip, if he was excited to finally be a husband, and if he thought he was going to cry on the wedding day, haha! He’d answer me back with a shrug and “we’ll see, we’ll see.”

The trip was great and we created amazing content, which you can watch on Mikael’s youtube (yes, plug!).

Before leaving for the airport back to Manila, Mikael being the coffee connoisseur that he is, wanted to drop by his favorite coffee shop in Dubai (Typica, that it’s owned by and operated by Filipinos). And we spent his last night as a single man in a coffee shop, sipping yummy coffee! Mikael also got his wedding present for his bride from the same coffee shop! Coffee has always been part of their relationship and bonding.

You can watch their wedding video here so you’ll know what I mean. 

We arrived in Manila around 6am on January 10th. We immediately set off to Tagaytay from the airport, and thankfully we were able to arrive at the church in time since the church is quite strict with ceremony reservations. 

The ceremony began and let me tell you, it was instantly the most intimate and one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever attended. We were only a group of 12 people, all of which walked down the aisle as the couple’s entourage. During the homily of the priest, the eyes of almost everyone in that quaint little chapel started glistening with tears. Then, from there on, everybody started crying and kept crying tears of happiness throughout the entire ceremony. My most favorite part was when we all huddled together during a blessing and all prayed together for the fruitful union of the couple. It was such a moving moment for me and I’m sure for every single person that got to be part of this beautiful occasion. I was especially touched with how extremely emotional Mikael was during the wedding, whom I have never seen that emotional. I don’t think I have ever seen him teary eyed let alone cry. I saw how happy and content he was in that moment. I couldn’t help but cry and be happy from the bottom of my heart for my alaga, because I know how much he deserves that. 

After the ceremony, we went for lunch in one of the newlyweds’ favorite restaurants in the area. Then, we all went home with happy hearts and bellies full of great food and greater memories to cherish. And that was the first wedding.

The second wedding was on the weekend of January 25th. It was a weekend full of love, happiness and a lot of food, drinks and dancing. There were not a lot of people during the wedding, roughly around 120 people more or less, but you could genuinely feel how happy each and everyone was for the couple. 

As someone who started to know the couple from a business POV, I never thought how big of an impact these two could have in my life. They showed me how beautiful and easy love can be. Don’t get me wrong, I know how hard these two have worked on their relationship. It is a relationship that stood the test of time, challenges, and trials. But Mikael and Megan have shown me that when you know and believe that you are with the right person, you give everything, you fight for your relationship and you do everything you can for the good of that person. 

Here’s to you Bonez and Fofo! Thank you for letting us be a part of your beautiful love story! We are excited for what the future has in store for you!


Yish and your whole VCM family <3

Written by: Yish Martin, Celebrity Brand Manager

[April 30, 2020]

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