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Jasmine Curtis-Smith’s generous offerings

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

JASMINE CURTIS-SMITH has always been a sweetheart when it comes to helping others—she is even a World Vision ambassador, already helping numerous children to reach their dreams.

That is why it is not news anymore to hear that Jasmine has been doing her own thing to help our front-liners in these trying times.

Before the enhanced community quarantine, Jasmine would always ask her staff if they are okay and will always tell them to stay at home as much as possible.

When asked if she is willing to give something to our front-liners, Jasmine said “yes” right away. And when she was asked if she would want to offer a breakfast meal for three hospital, she asked to make it a breakfast and lunch food drive for four hospitals instead.

“Mabuhay kayo and maraming salamat sa inyong hard work and dedication through this challenging times. May this nourish you and give you more strength to keep combatting COVID-19.

“More power and we include all of you in our prayers. Ingat po kayo. Nandito lang kami para sainyo,” Jasmine addressed to the front-liners via the food drive.

The food drive continuously ran for 15 days with a complete packages of healthy breakfast and lunch meals.

The four hospitals that Jasmine has generously offered food drive are:

 ⁃ Philippine General Hospital Manila

 ⁃ Ling Center of the Philippines Quezon City

 ⁃ San Lazaro Hospital Manila

 ⁃ FEU-NRMF Medical Center Quezon City

With these simple gestures, Jasmine has been able to help our front-liners to reenergize so they can maximize all the help that they could give for our sick community.

This just shows how an action from the heart can really bring change and hope for the betterment of the people around you.

[March 31, 2020]


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