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Robin Padilla's simple gestures of help

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

WITH the enhanced quarantine in effect, the infected and death rates relating to COVID-19 just keep on going up. Yet, it does not stop our front-liners—medical personnel and non-medical people working in the hospital—to still do their duties to help the sick and the ones infected by the pandemic.

As a way to help these front-liners, Robin Padilla initiated a food drive so our unsung heroes will be able to eat healthily and perform better in their duties. They have always been active in helping in crises ever since the Mount Pinatubo eruption, and this pandemic is not an exception even though a quarantine is in effect.

This silent food drive of Robin has helped these following hospitals:

 ⁃ San Lazaro Hospital Manila

 ⁃ Research Institute for Tropical Medicine Muntinlupa

 ⁃ Dr. Jose Rodriguez Memorial Hospital Caloocan

 ⁃ Lung Center of the Philippines Quezon City

 ⁃ FEU-NRMF Medical Center Quezon City

Also, Robin has been preparing groceries two days before the lockdown for his staff and all those living in his housing projects.To add, Robin has also decided to use his house in Fairview as a temporary shelter for the front-liners working near the hospitals and clinic still in operation in the said town. He was also silently donating 100 sacks of rice for 400 families in South Luzon, at first not knowing where the 100 sacks will go because Robin was not saying anything about his initiative.

This just proves how authentic Robin is in helping our community, they are doing this from the bottom of their hearts and have been donating silently so in their own way they can help the front-liners and the people in need.

[March 30, 2020]

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