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Utilizing Streaming Platforms For Your Brand

Online streaming is booming right now. As mentioned in our previous article, this provides great opportunities for your brand.

These days, videos have become the best way to engage with an audience. Live videos in particular provide strong results, getting six times more interactions on average than regular videos. However, podcasts have also become a favorite medium this pandemic, owing to its inexpensive production and its many listeners who are too busy to sit down and watch content. Brands can use these platforms to reach their customers faster and remain relevant in the new normal.

Here are some great content ideas your brand can use for its next streaming session:

1. Interviews

Hosting discussions with thought leaders can help spread more awareness on the ins and outs of your brand and industry.

One company that has optimized this is the agricultural equipment manufacturer, ADAMCO. Through a partnership with VCM, it held a Facebook Live session featuring brand ambassador Robin Padilla. As a farmer himself, Robin shared his insights on agribusiness and the importance of farming. The session would become a success, having generated many inquiries for ADAMCO.

2. Webinars

Another great way to share your brand's knowledge is through webinars. Compared to interviews, webinars have a more intimate engagement with prospective customers since you’re directly providing them training and resources.

One great example would be a webinar by the podcast production company, Spring Studios PH. The event was held exclusively for aspiring podcasters and was hosted by VCM’s Joyce Pring. Joyce was the perfect speaker for the webinar, sharing valuable knowledge and experience from working on her own podcast, Adulting with Joyce Pring.

3. Tutorials and Demos

This can be a fun and playful way to show how to best use your product. It’s also an effective way of showing the kind of feeling or satisfaction your products can bring.

Gold Seas partnered with VCM’s power couple Megan Young and Mikael Daez. As fitness buffs, they highlighted the tuna product’s health benefits. In their first cooking vlog, the couple showed how to use Gold Seas to prepare tuna sandwiches and would later express delight in their crunchy goodness.

Quickfx has also partnered with Megan, who is a huge skincare enthusiast. In an IGTV video, she gave a detailed demo of Quickfx’s various products, all while sharing her own skincare tips and answering questions from viewers. She notes how clearer her skin has gotten ever since she started using these products.

4. Product Intros and Launches

By streaming introductions to new products or deals, you let people know that your brand is still going strong despite the pandemic.

Some brands have leveraged the personal interests of celebrity figures to achieve successful product launches. As avid gamers, Megan and Mikael brought enthusiasm to several endorsements: Megan hosted a fun launch for Lenovo Legion’s new gaming devices, while Mikael featured Olay’s new retinol products in a lighthearted vlog, explaining how they help him look fresh after late-night gaming.

5. Fundraising Events

Hosting fun fundraising events can help draw huge support for your brand’s values and causes.

For instance, TaskUs celebrated Pride Month by live streaming an esports battle and donating its proceeds to LoveYourself Inc. To enliven the event, TaskUs brought in Megan, who not only showcased her gaming skills, but also expressed her thoughts on HIV awareness, mental health, and equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community.

Stream with our Talented Team!

Utilizing streaming platforms helps show the human aspect of your brand. This is particularly important in these times when people crave deeper connections—not just with other people but with brands too.

VCM’s celebrity influencers can provide high-quality and engaging content to your streaming sessions by basing their endorsement on personal experiences. Through genuine and authentic promotion, your brand can quickly connect with a large number of people.

Contact us now to find the right partner for your brand!

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