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What Digital Marketing will Look Like in 2021

The holidays are finally here! After a long and challenging year, many of us are ready to relax, chow down on delicious meals, and spend time with loved ones—either safely at home or through video call. We all deserve this much-awaited break.

Alongside rest, this is also the best time to reflect on what we’ve gone through this year and to see how we can prepare for the next one.

Three Digital Marketing Predictions for 2021

Digital marketing went through significant changes this 2020, which will only continue to solidify this coming 2021. Here are three key predictions you should know to help your brand adapt in a changing marketing landscape:

1. Social Media Will Rise as a Major Marketplace

In the time of social distancing, the internet has become the primary place for most of our activities. Social media in particular will continue to dominate our lives, especially in business transactions.

In a report by We Are Social from last October, more than 4 billion people around the world were said to use social media each month. That's more than half of the world’s population! Furthermore, an average of about 2 million people sign up for a social media account each day.

With social media acting as a central hub for everyone, it’s no surprise that people have started shopping within platforms like Facebook and Instagram, instead of taking the extra steps of visiting more traditional eCommerce sites. A Forbes article featuring insights by several digital marketing leaders confirms social media’s eventual rise as a top channel for purchase: “With social commerce continuing to grow into 2021, retail brands will have to adapt to these platforms with new rules, similar to what many did with Amazon.”

2. Video Content Will Continue to Rule

We mentioned before the growing popularity of video streaming. We Are Social's report validated this further by showing how 90% of global internet users (aged 16 to 24) watch online videos, while 53% watch vlogs.

Videos have become the main language of this pandemic as they provide an easy and effective way to disperse information. In the case of business, videos offer various opportunities to individualize your brand from the rest. This is why in We Are Social’s report, 50% percent of B2B decision-makers use Youtube to research new products and services. Videos can instantly reveal what your brand is all about, making it a crucial tool for winning customers.

The year 2021 will only continue to ride this rising wave of video content. As more people go online to watch videos, more brands will post video content to stay in front of this unprecedentedly large internet market.

3. Influencer Marketing Will Be More Important than Ever

In Klear’s report on the state of influencer marketing in 2021, a survey of over 5,000 influencers revealed that sponsored collaborations had 57% more reach and impact in 2020 than the previous year. How did this tremendous growth happen?

Part of this can be attributed to the aforementioned rise in internet activity. More people spend time online, so brands collaborate with popular internet figures to continue staying relevant.

However, one important factor could be our significant step towards a more socially active community. When social unrest blew up in mid-2020, it was hard for brands to stay silent. According to Klear, 80% of Fortune 100 companies made a statement in support of #BlackLivesMatter, revealing where they stood on these issues. Businesses showed that they were money-making entities second, and members of a community first.

Klear said it best: “2020 was the year brand values mattered most.” It was important to collaborate with influencers who could help show the humanity that people were seeking in brands.

As we enter 2021, more and more businesses will rely on influencers to champion their brand values and to help cultivate solidarity between their brand and the community.

Who Will Represent Your Brand Values this 2021?

The events of 2020—from social distancing to social unrest—will shape 2021 into a time of increasingly digitized interactions, but one that keenly maintains the human being at the heart of it all.

With 2021 valuing authenticity and virtues more than before, it’s important for brands to partner with the right celebrity influencers.

VCM is dedicated to finding this right fit between brands and influencers.

Through our design thinking approach to celebrity marketing, we ensure that all your brand’s needs are carefully matched with the right ambassador. Not only will their expertise in social media and video content guide your business through 2021—their genuine passion for your work will make your brand values shine in a year when they will matter more than ever.

What are your brand’s plans for the new year? Browse through our FREE ebook, send us a message, and let's discuss your ideas!

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